• Karen Unland

    Karen Unland

    Media nerd. Co-founder of Taproot Edmonton. Reader, admirer and curator of local blogs and podcasts. Founder of Seen and Heard in Edmonton.

  • Jason Cobb

    Jason Cobb

    Omnivorous curiosity. Striving for balance. Fascinated by fact & fiction; also mountains, space, art & design...still dreaming up mixed-tapes.

  • Bryan Alary

    Bryan Alary

    Comms guy @UAlberta, fuelled by coffee and rainbows. These are my tweets.

  • Alex Abboud

    Alex Abboud

    Writing and photos about cities at The Cities Tribune. Other posts on main page. Communications pro. Marathoner. Baseball and soccer fan.

  • Eric Zweig

    Eric Zweig

  • Park Power

    Park Power

    Shop Local & Save Money. We are a better choice for Albertans to pay their electricity & natural gas bills to. Founded by @kriskasawski.

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