On Victoria Day, 1933, Edmonton opened its second and longest-serving professional baseball stadium.

View from the short port in right field, Renfrew Park, 1933. Grand Trunk Pacific Railway’s Hotel Macdonald lies in the background. Image via the Provincial Archives of Alberta.

“1,000 frenzied capitalists” witness Edmonton’s first professional baseball game.

View from the stands at Diamond Park during the opening day game between the Saskatoon Quakers and Edmonton Eskimos, 1910. Image via the Provincial Archives of Alberta.

Helen Nicol was an Albertan star of American baseball.

Helen Nicol. Photos via East Valley Tribune.

“Travelling with her at the time…

The 1951 Sakatoon 55s. Gordie Howe is in the front row, far right. Photo via At The Plate

“Even though the United States wasn’t in the war, we read the newspapers. We knew what was happening in Europe, and we were outraged by the Nazis — totally outraged. We thought it was a good time for a patriotic hero.” — Joe Simon, Joe Simon: My Life in Comics

Bit of a stunner in the comic book world today, as Marvel has revealed in the first issue of its new series, Captain America: Steve Rogers, that Cap is, and always has been, an agent of Hydra. Hydra is a terrorist organization closely associated with the Red Skull, Captain America’s…

For the past twenty years, one book has ruled them all.

My first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

Andy Grabia

King of Nightlandia

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